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Ida and Hobbit.

Ida and Hobbit.

This is Ida holding Hobbit. Hobbit is the daughter of Chloe and Walter, and she is going to live with Hugo, David and Linda.


Herding groomsmen

Okay, so Mayno and Carol go away for the weekend and approximately ten (I never did get a good count) groomsmen and the groom move into the house. There was a wedding at a farm down the road, and they needed a place to stay, so they were here. I watched a Bachelor Party and other things that I haven’t told Maynard and Carol about. I did my best to herd the guys as needed, but they weren’t really used to being told what to do. The good news is that they did NOT leave the house in a mess and the neighbor lady Leslie came to clean up and when Mayno and Carol got home, everything was pretty much back to normal. Except for the two stuffed moose in the upstairs bedroom. They were in positions that I haven’t seen them in before. If you know what I mean.


Letter to the Royal Corgis

Dear Monty, Willow and Holly,

We were watching the Olympics opening with our people and it was so cool to see the Royal Corgis herding the Queen and James Bond. Good job!

We wrote a book about Corgis and our tendency to herd, as well as other important things about life. We even wrote a story about you in this book. It’s on page 74.

We would like to come visit you—perhaps even parachute in like the Queen did. But Bandit is terrified of heights and flunked the teeter totter on the Basic Agility course. So he won’t be jumping. Of course if you would like to come visit us, that would be super. You can bring the Queen and other Royal People with you too.

With respect and admiration,

Hugo, Bandit and Walter

Fan Mail!

Check out this fantastic letter from a fan in South Africa!

“I arrived home two evenings ago to a parcel… Yes your book arrived. I am a proud owner of “Short Tales” I was so excited. My daughters wanted to read it immediately! I have to point your picture out to them on FB – but the older one says “remember I’m not allowed to do FB” hmmm how to go around that one?
So I’ve been meaning to post a thank you the last two days.thank you & congrats it’s fabulous.

The two girls have been arguing as to who will have it read in class. So far they’ve both won. I got feedback from my daughter that her 3rd grade teacher would like to keep it – as the class thoroughly enjoyed it. (like no, it’s mine!) I’m hoping to get to finish it one day soon when my daughters let me have it back!

In the mean time I’m telling folks to buy buy buy!!! Please do keep writing about Bandit. Request from my girls.”

Test Drive

Bandit here…this weekend my people, Kevin and Sena, went to Indiana to visit Sena’s family.  I have gone along before but I didn’t this time (I stayed at a place called The Crate Escape…another story for another day!). Anyway, while she was in Indiana, Sena read  Short Tales to her nieces who are 7 and 4, and they LOVED it!   They asked for it for their bedtime stories each night.  But one funny thing happened; on their last night there, Sena asked the 4-year-old if she wanted to read Short Tales and she hollered “NO!! I don’t want a short tale!” She didn’t realize that was the name of the book!  As soon as Sena explained to her that Short Tales was the name of the book about Bandit, Walter, and Hugo, then she said happily, “Yes I want Short Tales.”

Books around the world!

Our book is traveling around the world!  So far it has been sent all over the USA, also to Canada, South Africa, Botswana, Ireland, and the Netherlands.  People everywhere will be reading about our adventures!

If you don’t have your copy yet, you can get one at:

Book signing

Yesterday we had the most amazing book signing here at the farm. Carol and Maynard invited seven music groups and 276 people to the farm and had a full meal for everybody. They called it Song on the Lawn. (Not sure why they called it that instead of Short Tales Book Signing, but they did.) Hugo and Linda and his other people were here, but Bandit and Sena live in Vermont so they didn’t make it. Anyway, when Maynard was on the stage talking about this being our booksigning, I knew that was my cue. I saw the box of our books under the table and I “autographed” them as Maynard was talking about it. My books, my autograph–that’s what I’m talking about.

(Note from Carol: While Walter did’ “autograph” the box, the books were safely shrinkwrapped inside the box, but we won’t tell him that.)